11 Best Hands Free & Waist Dog Leashes in 2021

If you’re looking for a comfortable way to walk or run with your canine by allowing your hands to move freely, then a hands-free or waist dog leash is a great investment. Hands-free or waist leashes are made to provide dog owners with a better walking experience with their dogs. Moreover, it’s an excellent training device for you and your dog! I use one on my own for my morning running sessions.

Here’s a quick pick for you:

Main Features

  • designed for ALL dog breeds (many sizes avaiable)
  • one of the best waist leashes for running & hiking

  • comes with a large treat pouch and a portable water bowl
  • padded buffer cushion

  • easy glide grip
  • perfect hands free leash for hiking

Best Pick


Main Features

  • designed for ALL dog breeds (many sizes avaiable)
  • one of the best waist leashes for running & hiking


YOUTHINK Double Dog Leash, No Tangle Dog Walking Leash...

Main Features

  • comes with a large treat pouch and a portable water bowl
  • padded buffer cushion


Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash for Running, Walking,...

Main Features

  • easy glide grip
  • perfect hands free leash for hiking

A waist dog leash is an essential training device if and only if you have the right product. Most of them come with many unique features for different purposes such as running, hiking, and general walking. To give you a better idea of the leashes out in the market that is worth your money, we narrowed down the best options for this article.

List of the Best Waist Dog Leashes in 2021

1. YOUTHINK Hands-Free Dog Leash with Training Treat Pouch

Girl is running with YOUTHINK waste dog leash that comes with a large treat pouch and a portable water bowl.


  • comes with a large treat pouch and a portable water bowl
  • padded buffer cushion
  • variety of prices for each need (check here)

If you’re looking for a larger built-in fanny pack in a hands-free dog leash, then here’s the product for you. In addition to the strong dual bungees to absorb the force of your strong dog, the leash comes with a large treat pouch and a portable water bowl! This is useful during hot days!

The leash set comes with a heavy-duty belt buckle, reflecting stitching for additional security, easy-glide belt clip, and a metal clip for carrying objects. What makes this leash unique is that it has a padded buffer cushion that makes it more comfortable to wear and to grip. It’s also for your extra protection as it reduces painful friction from your strong dog!

There are nine different ways to use the hands-leash, including a normal leash, double leash, short leash, training bungee, or as a running leash! The leash is also sturdy enough for attaching two dogs! Cost-wise, the YOUTHINK Hands-Free Dog Leash makes a great investment! Check the current price here.

2. Activedogs

The man with his dog shows how to use Activedogs hands free leash.


  • adjustable and comes with two sizes
  • made with nylon
  • amazing Amazon reviews (read here)

Although hands-free leashes are commonly used for runners and hikers, they’re also useful for dog owners with service dogs. The Activedogs is specifically made for training service dogs. The main purpose of this leash is to teach your service dog to work with you and adapt your body movements.

The Activedogs waist dog leash is available in two sizes to suit service dogs of any size. It also comes with multiple rings for mobility. This is to allow your dog to be placed at different lengths away from you for different purposes. Moreover, it also gives the canine the freedom to stop and lay down when the snap is placed on the closest ring.

Through the leash, your service dog learns to be attached to you, anticipate what you are doing, and move with you. Many testimonies stated that the Activedogs service dog leash has been a useful, effective, and the fastest way to teach a service dog to work with them. Overall, this leash is functional and versatile for working with service dogs while moving independently. Check more information on Amazon.

3. Pet Dreamland (designed for large dogs)

Doggie is happy to run while dad has Pet Dreamland around his wasted.


  • designed for large dogs
  • one of the best leashes for hiking
  • affordable price (check on Amazon)

The Pet Dreamland Leash was an easy choice when it came to choosing the best waist leash for running 2 dogs. This heavy-duty leash is designed to hold larger canines weighing up to 150lbs. Designed to be extra strong and durable, this leash is designed for running, hiking, and training canines.

What sets the Pet Dreamland leash apart from all the other hands-free dog leashes in this review is its neoprene-padded handles! It also features not one, not two, but three bungee cords to guarantee your and your dog’s safety. The cords can stretch up to 87 inches that absorbs your dog’s weight.

It also boasts a 390 degrees swivel splitter to prevent tangling and allowing your dogs to freely move. The leash comes with multiple knots that can be tied and untied to adjust the length. It is also designed with reflective stitching on both sides for visibility. The Pet Dreamland waist leash may a little bit more expensive than other leashes, but what it can do makes it worth the value! Check more reviews on Amazon.

4. SparklyPets

SparklyPets leash for jogging comes with different color set.


  • security clips on the belt
  • designed for medium and large dogs
  • over 1500 excellent reviews on Amazon (click here to read)

Our next selection would be perfect for those who prefer a leash which they can switch from hands-free to hands-on in a matter of seconds. The SparklyPets hands-free leash is provided with a handy rubber handle if you want to switch into a traditional leash. Built with a strong and flexible bungee, this leash is great for medium and large canines.

Just like others, the SparklyPets is a waist leash for running with your dog at night as it features reflective stitching for your and your dog’s protection. It features a heavy-duty and long elastic bungee that absorbs pulls and jolts from your dog. The easy-grip handle gives you more control in most cases.

The stainless steel hardware and weather-resistant material make it a reliable option. What’s more, is that the leash also comes with a handy storage bag that can be hung anywhere. With the ability and durability of the SparklyPets hands-free leash, it is one of the best-priced in the list (check the price on Amazon).


Woman in purple top is running with hands free leash from Lanney.


If you love to run with your furry friend, you’re in luck. The Lanney waist dog leash for running is perfect for long-distance runs. It is designed with five stylish colours and features an adjustable waistband that fits between 27 to 46 inches.

This leash is similar to SparklyPets in terms of the features that they offer. It comes with a functional zipper pouch for your important stuff that makes the leash stand out from the crowd. The pouch is also designed to be detachable and easy to slide in the belt.

Another difference of this hands-free leash from SparklyPets is that it has a strong cross-stitching for extra durability and three seams of reflective stitching for increased visibility. It can be used as a normal leash, shoulder leash, double leash, and training leash!

This leash from Lanney makes great use of durable nylon and premium metal clips. Because of its rugged construction and design, many clients were satisfied with how the leash can last for years of use! Check all of these great reviews on Amazon!

6. Tuff Mutt

Tuff Mutt is the best leash for hiking with dogs available in 8 different colors.


  • easy glide grip
  • perfect for hiking
  • good price and many color options (check at Amazon)

Here’s a popular choice among dog owners, the Tuff Mutt hands-free dog leash designed specifically for hiking. Due to its ability and durability, we have picked it out as the best hands-free dog leash for hiking. Made of high-quality materials and luminous reflective stitching, you are ensured of safety when out on the terrain.

This hiking leash can also be attached to a stroller or bike because it has an easy glide belt clip to keep it in position around your waist. In such a way, this gives your dog optimum freedom of movement with restriction. Your canine can freely move around you without pulling you while you hike.

This hands-free leash can stretch up to 5 feet when fully extended and promptly springs back to the original 4-foot length. It is short enough to prevent tangling but long enough to give your dog and adequate room to run in front of you or beside you. Lastly, it has a lifetime warranty! Check more details on Amazon.

7. Oneisall

Animated girl is running with her dog using Oneisall hands free dog leash.


  • nylon & soft mesh velvet handle
  • perfect dog leash for hiking
  • good price and many color options (check at Amazon)

The Oneisall hands-free dog leash is a multi-way dog leash that has six usages. However, it is not designed like a traditional hands-free leash that is attached to your waist. Nevertheless, it can be used as a traditional leash, double-leash for two dogs, and shoulder leash!

Walking around with your untrained dog is now easier with the Oneisall leash. It is a dog leash for running 2 dogs at the same time and providing them with enough room to run. Moreover, it allows your furry friend to freely manoeuvre around through adjustment of various lengths. It provides adequate room between you and your dog depending on the situation at hand.

Unlike the other hands-free dog leashes reviewed so far, this leash is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs. It does not have a strong bungee that small dogs may find hard to control. This versatile leash boasts durable materials and construction that make it a great product at a good value. Check more information on Amazon.

8. Paw Lifestyles

Paw Lifestyles retractable hands free dog leash has a smartphone pouch.


  • comes with a pouch
  • designed for runners
  • amazing reviews (check reviews)

Do you ever worry about where to put your keys, smartphone, and cash when going out for a run with your dog? If you’ve been brave enough to hold your essential items with one hand and your energetic dog with another only to make running harder, here’s your luck. The Paw Lifestyles Retractable hands-free dog leash comes with a pouch.

This dog leash for runners comes with dual expandable pouches for storing your essential items in the 48 inches adjustable waistband. This way, you can keep track of everything on a run. It is also built with reflective threading to ensure you and your dog’s safety on late night or early runs.

Suitable for canines up to 150 pounds, the Paw Lifestyles hands-free leash has a dual handle for additional safety. Since it is a retractable leash, it does what it’s most useful for: giving you total control while giving your furry friend more freedom. This is one of the most affordable waist dog leashes on this list, giving you a worthy purchase.

9. Pet Dreamland (designed for training with a dog)

Man is running with a dog using hands-free dog leash from Pet Dreamland.


  • designed specifically for training with a dog
  • three colours (check here)

Here is another entry for the best hands-free dog leash of 2021 from Pet Dreamland! This version is designed to be a dog leash for running, hiking, and training your large dog. Taking your large canine for a run can be a tough task as his weight can easily pull you along. Be at ease as the Pet Dreamland leash will make your walks from pain to pleasure!

This dog leash for runners allows your exercises with your canine to go smoothly without risking any pain. For added control, it has three elastic bungee cords that will also gradually improve your dog’s running leash manners. It is also designed with reflective stitching so that it will be easier to spot you and your dog during your early morning or evening walks.

This heavy-duty leash can also be considered as the best hiking hands-leash for dogs as it is made of the most durable materials! The two Neoprene padded handles give your hands comfort. However, people with smaller waists might find it hard to use this product. Nevertheless, you’re covered with a 365 money-back guarantee!

10. TaoTronics

TaoTronics retractable hands free dog leash can stretch up to 67 inches when you walk with your dog.


  • stretches up to 67 inches
  • dual handle operation
  • amazing reviews (check at Amazon)

This hands-free dog leash for running from TaoTronics made to our first choice. The leash is retractable and has a dual bungee construction which absorbs the weights of large dogs of up to 150lbs. Ultimately, it gives you better control over any pulling, lunging, or jerking of your dog, saving you from injury or back strain. So if you are an owner of a strong and large dog, then the TaoTronics Retractable Hands-Free Dog Leash is for you!

This waist dog leash is long enough to suit a range of breeds as its adjustable leash belt stretches up to 67 inches. The only problem is that a long leash is prone to tangling, and we’re glad that TaoTronics considered the possible inconvenience. The leash is built with a dual handle that gives you better control and gets a firm grip over your dog.

The leash is also suitable for night time runs as it comes with useful reflective stitching, to give you and your canine better visibility. Considering the features and durability of the TaoTronics Hands-Free Dog Leash, it makes a great bargain! Check the price and customer review on Amazon.

11. Furry Buddy

FURRY BUDDY hands free leash available in black color.


  • perfect for people who jogging with their dogs
  • three pockets for different purposes
  • amazing feedback from other users (read here)

The FURRY BUDDY may be the last in our list, but definitely not the least! It is also a dog leash and fanny pack in one, making it a great dog leash for joggers. The hands-free leash comes with not one, not two, but three useful pockets! You could now carry your keys, cards, money, and a water bottle with you while running with your dog!

The leash is made from waterproof and durable neoprene fabric that is padded and breathable for your comfort! Moreover, the neoprene fabric is sturdy enough for long-term use. Fortunately, most smartphones fit the main pocket and keep them safe from water. That’s not all, the leash also comes with a waterproof treat bag!

In terms of features, this leash can also accommodate two dogs. The three heavy-duty D rings are strong enough for security, and there’s also some handy reflective stitching for added visibility in the dark. Lastly, the FURRY BUDDY leash is backed with a three-year guarantee!

Final Word

While there are a lot of hands-free & waist dog leashes out in the market, it’s essential to choose what best suits you and your dog. This is to ensure that you can utilize your leash effectively, provides you and your dog extra safety, and makes a worthy purchase! With all the leashes we have compiled for you, we’re certain that you will find the best one for you and your beloved pooch!

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