Halo Dog Collar Review: $999 For What? Scam or Worth It?

Halo Collar is one of the most popular smart collars in 2021. The reason why, you’ll see later after showing you all its pros and cons, and features on our Halo Collar review. I will share my experience too. At first, I was quite sceptical, thinking: “What kind of collar costs $999?”, while other smart collars like Fi Collar way cheaper…  but Halo exceeded my expectations.

So, many dog owners worry about their dogs getting out of our house or running after squirrels or cats or other small animals they find on the streets and getting lost just like that. We love our dogs so much that being away for too long out of our sight and the safe space and physical fences we created for them, it becomes too worrisome, especially if we have nothing to use to search for them or locate them instantly. And this is where Halo Collar comes in. This is such a great collar to have not only because of all the features that I will be discussing below, but also because it is supported by none other than Cesar Millan (I am sure you heard of him), a well-known dog expert and also an animal lover himself.

Being a dog breeder and trainer on my own, I was extremely excited to try and test Halo dog collar. Check out the Halo Collar review below and see if it worth paying $999

What is Halo Collar?

Halo Collar is the next generation smart dog collar featuring an invisible and customizable virtual fence that keeps your dog safe within the boundaries that you can easily set up which then prevents it from running away. This collar combined every single feature:

You don’t have to buy each device separately, Halo collar combined them all and eventually you save money and get a decent dog gadget (check the current price here, the regular cost is $999 but they run specials once in a while).

This is not like any other smart dog collars out there that monitor your pup then only alerts you by the time they have already escaped the safe zone you created for them. The Halo Dog Collar prevents your dog from getting lost or leaving your home even before you know it. 

Who is Halo Collar for? 

Dog with Halo collar

The Halo Collar is made for all types of dog owners and dog trainers out there, whether new in the field or not, although this is especially designed for those who want to focus on training their dog’s boundaries. Some new dog owners are also not familiar with how to properly train their dogs, and sometimes, giving treats as positive affirmation and reinforcement is just not enough and are struggling to find the right solution for them that will also suit their dog’s needs. The Halo Collar is perfect for you as it is integrated with Cesar Millan’s 21-Day Training Program that dog lovers out there would surely not want to miss on a fantastic smart dog collar. It helped to train my four dogs to stay away from the virtual boundaries!  More on this below. 

Features of Halo Collar

Creating a virtual fence in Halo collar app

The Halo Collar features smart virtual fences which can be easily customizable via the Halo App to set up the perimeters of the fences where you want your pups to stay and play in safely and securely. This feature gives you the freedom and security to let your dogs roam within their virtual smart Halo Fences off-leash without the anxiety of them getting out of it without your knowledge. It’s my favourite feature but there are more of them.

This is another fantastic feature of the Halo dog collar because the smart virtual Halo Fences are stored into the Halo Collar itself. The Halo Fences is integrated with GPS and the Halo Collar’s automated internal logic. This means less worries for all the dog owners out there as this feature works even without Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. 

The Halo Fence boundaries are designed to automatically and intuitively communicate with the easily customizable Prevention Feedback depending on your dog’s needs. Another fantastic feature to note is the usage of Encouragement Feedback that can guide and command your pup to come back home. 

Checking dog's location with Halo dog collar app

The Halo Fences are integrated with GPS and GNSS which means less hassle for users because there is no need for you to install anything to set up safety fences for your pups. Just use the Halo App, and tap the location in the map where you want to create the fence or just simply walk around the boundary to set up that fence. 

The integration of GPS into the Halo Fences system improved its capacity to be used in all-terrain types such as streams and rivers, or even driveways, and other types of surfaces and elevation. 

The Halo Collar gives you true portability in terms of creating virtual fences as opposed to building your own electric fence at home which you cannot take with you whenever you leave your house for a walk or a day at the park or when travelling far from home. The Halo Collar portability feature has your back regarding this subject and will surely keep you at ease about your dog’s safety wherever you go as the app allows you to set up smart virtual fences all over the globe. The Halo Collar can track the location of your dog within 10 feet with high accuracy. This also lets you create up to 20 fences wherever you need. 

The Safety Statuses of the Halo Collar shows you the location and activities of your dog in real-time. This is possible because of the integration of GNSS & GPS systems and the cellular and Wi-Fi technologies into the Halo Collar itself. Less worries for you at this will keep you at as ease wherever you may be, even when you are not with your pup. 

The Halo Collar also comes with this feature that lets you track your dog’s activity just like how FitBit and AppleWatch work. With this feature, the device will be able to monitor and create reports about how many steps your dog has made, and how many hours they have spent resting and doing activities, and many more. All of these will be shown in the app’s dashboard. 

Another astonishing feature of the Halo Collar is the Prevention Tracking wherein the Halo Collar tracks the frequency of the prevention it received such as the Prevention Feedback like the boundary, warning, and emergency prompts. This data can show you the patterns and changes in your dog’s behavior that needs to be given more attention during training. 

21 dog training program by Halo collar

The Halo Company partnered and collaborated with the well-known dog expert trainer, Cesar Millan, to integrate his expertise in Behavioral Psychology Training Methods into the Halo Collar which involves boundary training for 21 days by just following the four detailed steps that they very well provided. This 21-Day Training Program is dubbed as one of the most effective and safest training methods. I can prove it, I trained all my dogs really well even my extremely stubborn Bulldog Steve! 

Steps 1 and 2 of the training includes the Days 1 and 2 Training, and they involve Setting Up & User Training and Introduction of the Halo Collar to your dogs, respectively. So for the first and second days of training, all you need to do is to familiarize yourself and your pup with the Halo Collar. It is so easy to use as it has step-by-step training to guide you along the way. I have personally tried this Halo Collar because I wanted to see for myself how Cesar Millan’s method works and if this will suit my dog’s training needs. 

You will be able to follow through your dog’s training because it tracks your dog’s progress via the Halo App. Then there are exclusive videos from Cesar that is very helpful as it gives visuals on how Cesar does his trick of properly training his dogs. It is very easy to follow because there are step-by-step instructions in the tutorials and short-content looped videos. I am a very visual person therefore this is heavent-sent platform for me. 

Cesar Millan during training process with a dog and halo collar.

Cesar Millan With A Dog

The third and fourth steps include Days 3 to 10 which involves Indoor Training and Days 11 to 21 which is Outdoor Training, respectively. So the Halo Collar features 6 different types of feedback: 

  • Encouragements include boundary, warning, and emergency feedback 
  • Preventions include good dog, come home, and whistle feedback. 

3 Types of Customizable Feedback:

Setting up custom feedbacks for dog training in Halo collar app

I loved this feedback feature so much as it automatically does its job, especially the come home feedback, as the system intuitively sends out the feedback to tell your dog when it needs to. I also loved the fact that they included Cesar’s famous “TSCH” command. No need to worry though because if you are not a fan of this or the other feedback types, you can easily customize and change everything as the Halo brand gives you the full authority and control over all of what you want your dog to experience. Cesar will also guide you through the process of choosing the best feedback for your pup and this is what helped me find the best one that my dog responded well to. 

My pup is a bit sneaky and I was using a different smart dog collar before purchasing the Halo Collar. The old collar of my pup only showed me his location and some records of his daily activities, and don’t get me wrong, it is very helpful in locating him and alerting me just in case my pupper escapes. I was trying to train my dog to set boundaries but he is too naughty and my efforts were not enough, and this is what made me decide to try the Halo Collar for my dog, especially when I found out about the integrated dog trainer and feedback types in the collar. 

There’s this feature called the Indoor Halo Beacons that communicate with the Halo Collar which provides the perfectly-timed feedback to guide your dog to stay away from the boundaries of the fences you created. This has helped me a lot when I was training my dog as the Halo Collar helps in creating positive associations and boundaries intuitively. 

For the Outdoor Training, the GPS and GNSS systems work wonders in accurately locating your dog and the good thing is when my pup tries to run away, the Halo Collar lets out a warning at least 10 to 15 feet leeway before the boundary I set. I also love the fact that this smart dog collar works autonomously therefore I never need to constantly watch out over my dog and do the commands myself; this collar does the job of preventing my pup from slipping from that virtual Halo Fence and encouraging them to come back home. 

Is It Worth It To Purchase The Halo Collar?

Discussing Halo dog collar price

Totally yes, that it is worth it to purchase because of all the various features and advanced technology they have integrated into the Halo Collar discussed above. Furthermore, it is approved by one of the best dog experts (including me) in the world and even integrated his training program into the Halo Collar itself as one of its main features that are truly beneficial for all dog owners out there.

Pros and Cons of the Halo Collar

Pros Cons
  • IP67 water rating
  • Smart virtual fences
  • Multiple subscriptions plans to choose from
  • Allows you to set up 20 virtual fences
  • Uses GPS/GNSS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE technologies
  • Features Cesar Millan’s dog psychology training
  • Pricey (check the current price here)
  • Not recommended for very small dog breeds (e.g. Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians and so on)
  • Premium features cannot be used with no subscription


I love everything about this Halo dog collar and am very grateful as the various features really helped me in correcting my dog’s negative behavior (especially my bulldog) and encouraging the positive ones. I especially like that the smart dog collar works autonomously in guiding and training my dog to become a better pup. The two things I am not fond of is that one, the insanely high price of this product; it is too expensive that it will make you doubt if it is worth it and there would be a lot of what ifs; and two, the battery drains way too fast, but this can be understandable as the device uses GPS and GNSS which are very beneficial in locating your dog at high accuracy. I have tried and tested this product and I can say that it was effective for my dog and this smart dog collar helped him become a well-trained and well-behaved dog. I highly recommend getting his device for your pup. You can check the current price on the official website, they also offer great financing options if you are into this collar. However, if you do not really smart fence and training features but only GPS & activity tracking, I would recommend considering Fi dog collar.

Halo Dog Collar Review

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